8 myths about healthy eating we believe in.

Healthy eating is a topic of a current interest. People try to follow this eating style, look for new recipes and try to exclude some products in order to make menu cleaner and better. Media imposes many different beliefs and some of them are not always true, and many people trust them and sometimes do harm to their bodies. Today I want to dispel some of the most popular myths.

1. No food after 6 pm.

It sounds not only as a rule, but as sarcasm as well. But the most surprising thing is that people still believe in it! Does the time of your meal influence your weight? There is another delusion – you cannot eat 3-4 hours before you go to sleep. This rule is way more believable. Eating before sleep isn’t a good idea from the digestion’s point of view. But you can’t gain weight because of it.

2. Forget about carbs after 4 pm Time doesn’t really matter.

If your ration has well balanced overall calorific value, you can eat proteins in the morning and carbs in the evening and nothing bad is going to happen to you.

3. Eat products with zero calories.

No, it’s not true! In many sources with such information you can see the pictures of cabbage, apples and celery. Celery and cabbage is fine, but apples? They contain sugar. One apple contains approximately 100 calories. And almost 100% of them are carbs. And sometimes you can eat yogurt, candy, cookie instead of apple. And if you eat apples just because you are afraid of putting weight, I can disappoint or gladden you that it’s not going to happen. Even cabbage has some calories. The question is in usefulness.

4. You will spend a fortune on healthy food.

Quite often people have a wrong understanding of the word “healthy”. And think that only cool and expensive vegetarian goods, bought in eco-shops for a very high price can be healthy. And it’s not right. When you exclude harmful products from your diet, useful products will stay. That’s logical. And that’s it. And this excuse – “I have no money for healthy food” doesn’t work.

5. Crispbread has lower calorific value.

Not so many people know about this myth because this belief is very popular among the majority. But you can simply look at the package and understand that white bread contains approximately 250 calories, and crispbread – 370 calories. The difference is big. What’s the trick? Crispbread is light. It weighs less than a piece of bread. Does it really matter if you simply like them? Maybe it’s better sometimes to allow yourself a piece of favorite bread and get 120 calories than to eat 5 pieces of crispbread and get 150 calories and no satisfaction from food?

6. Defatted dairy products are the best.

No. It’s not true. And even more – defatted products can be harmful sometimes. That’s how it works – the natural fat was taken from the milk and it’s calorific value dicreased. The human will feel hungry soon after this product. It’s not profitable for dairy company and they add something else to milk. For example, sugar. And instead of useful dairy fat we get extra sugar and feeling of hunger soon after meal. The calorific value of yogurt doesn’t differ drastically from a product with an average fatness. Choose the average fatness products. Because dairy products with high fat, percentage contain vegetable fat.

7. The best snack is bar.

It depends, actually. Many bars with loud inscriptions – “sugar free”, “for weight loss” are not better than Snickers. Are you surprised? The truth lies in the components. It says – no sugar, but sugar is on the first place in the list of components. It’s nonsense, but it’s real. That’s don’t trust loud words and double check everything. There are not so many useful bars with useful components. One of this good bars I’ve recently mentioned on my Instagram profile. And I highly recommend you to choose nuts and dried fruits by yourself and eat them for snack. You won’t need to check anything and you will choose what you like.

8. Pizza, pasta and sushi are the enemies of your weight loss.

Why have you decided that? Of course, if you eat a giant pizza with fat sausages and two meals of rolls with mayonnaise for breakfast, extra kilos and digestion problems can become real. But there are some alternatives. Pizza made with rye flour and mushrooms or vegetables as filling is a good idea. If you consume it wisely. It’s a food just like any other food. And if you know how to find wise alternatives, your visits to the restaurants can be nice.

So, what myths from this list did you believe in? What point made you happy? Do you consider yourself the healthy eating supporter? Let’s discuss it!


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