5 nutrition mistakes from USSR

We live in the interesting time and every day we learn new information and realize that we used to do lots of things wrong for the whole life. I mean not moral side of life, but lifestyle in general. It’s connected with several factors:
1)science constantly develops;
2)we didn’t have an access to such huge amount of information.
Our parents didn’t know about vegans and others. And the menu was pretty much the same from generation to generation. Today we will discuss some points which were definitely wrong. I think it’s a great opportunity what things you have left in the past and what things you are still doing,habitually, just like you did in the childhood.

1. Milk is useful for strong bones and good hair.

I am sure that you’ve heard a “magical” advice – eat more cottage cheese and dairy products in general, and you will be healthy and pretty. Probably, the author of this advice was your mother or grandmother. Is this advice true? Unfortunately, not really. I am not speaking about excluding dairy products from your menu. We speak about the bones. Milk consists lots of calcium – that’s true. But our body doesn’t absorb it and we have zero profit.

2. Lack of protein.

Let’s recall the standard menu of the average soviet family. Porridge for breakfast, garnish with cutlet for lunch and approximately the same dinner. Add some bread or cookies – and we will get a standard menu. Carbs, carbs and carbs… But where is the protein? Good, qualitative protein? No matter which one – animal or vegetable. Where was it? In the cutlet, 50% of which was bread? It’s absolutely not enough! Probably, we had such situation because groats were the easiest to buy. But know we can skip this habit and nourish our body with proteins.

3. Drinks.

Drinking something sweet after the meal was an absolutely typical thing for us. And we still do the same. I can understand if it’s water or tea/coffee in the morning. But we used to drink kissel or compote and these drinks were not useful at all. Boiled fruits with sugar are quite useful, it’s better to eat them fresh. Such drinks also prevented normal absorption of nutrients in the food.

4. 3 dishes.

Soup, second fish and finally dessert. Tell me if I am wrong, but such menu is pretty much standard for the majority of people. Your meal doesn’t need to contain so many different dishes. Variety is good, but use it in moderation! I think you can allow yourself such luxury when you are on the vacation or in the good restaurant. But do it seldom! It shouldn’t become a normal thing.

5. Soup – for good digestion.

This point is similar to the previous one. For sure you know that soup is useful for our body. But let’s think – what useful ingredients are in the soup? The same food, but in the water? It’s the same thing as eating all these products and drink water after. Our digestion becomes good because of cellulose and big amount of liquid. I mean that simple water is a great option. I wrote another article about the usefulness of water, you may check it out. Soup is not harmful, but if you don’t like it, eating it is not compulsory.

Do you have some habits from this list in your life? Or, maybe you can add something to it?

Yours Yuli

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