5 make up mistakes we all make

There is no need to be a make-up artist in order to notice some rude and obvious make-up mistakes, which make the girl look old and untidy. It’s quite upsetting, when a nice lady makes these mistakes and hides her beauty behind cheap make-up. It happens because of several mistakes.

1. Wrong choice of the foundation’s color.

What looks worse than the foundation which makes your face orange? Always pay your attention to the shade of foundation and use testers. But don’t test the color on your hands! You won’t understand anything. Applying foundation with dirty hands in the shop is also a bad idea. Always have some wet napkins or antiseptic and it will save your skin in many cases.

2. Shading is not for you.

Good lighting often reveals all flaws of make-up. When you see pieces of foundation on the face, it means that you didn’t devote some time to shading. It’s better not to wear make-up at all than to do it carelessly.

3. Mascara, more mascara.

Sometimes the fans of long and thick eye-lashes decide not to spend money on eyelash extensions and choose mascara. I need to reveal a secret – many layers of mascara will not give you awesome eyelashes. It will stick them together and put a heavy loads of mascara on your eyelashes. It will look untidy and definitely will not create the effect of stunning eyelashes.

4. Not using primer.

It’s still a mystery for many people that wearing make-up on a dry skin is bad. Clean skin is ok, but dry? After cleansing of your skin use a cream or a primer. Without them your make-up won’t last long and it will make you look untidy. No matter how good your new lipstick is, without moisture it won’t beautify your dry lips.

5. Extremely precise contouring.

A couple of years ago it was an unquestionable trend. But the fashion has changed. And cheekbones which are very absurdly sharp are not fashionable at all. Modern fashion is about natural looks. If you are born with naturally good cheekbones – it’s perfect, but there is no need to draw them in front of the mirror for half an hour.

What points from this list irritate you? I am waiting for your answers, let’s discuss!


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