Jelly: benefit or harm

Do U remember what drink was always served to a lunch break at school? I will remind U, just in case: dried fruits compote and jelly.

Jelly, for example, is usefull for digestive tract and supplies an organism with minerals. I want to give U some advise: make jelly for yourself and drink at least one glass every day.

Also jelly is useful in case of gastritis or stomach ulcer, this drink won’t cure a disease, but will help to get rid of unpleasant symptoms and will accelerate treatment process. Jelly promotes digestion of food and even heavy lunch won’t cause bad feeling. Still this drink supports microflora of digestive tract and struggles with dysbacteriosis.

This drink practically has no contraindications. Only individual intolerance or allergic reaction to some fruits/berries. But it is easy to solve this problem. There is a lot of recipes, and any ingredient can be picked up under the organism.

You will find in supermarket dry powder for fast and ceasy jelly cooking. It is tasty, but the advantage isn’t enough. If U have enough time – take fruits/berries and make drink by yourown.

There is the simplest recipe: berries – 1 glass, potato starch – 1 tablespoon, sugar – 1 tablespoons, boiled water – 1 liter. Sugar can be replaced with xylitol, sorbite. These semi-finished products are always in markets. Then the calory level won`t be very high, about 100 kcal. on 100 gr.

Have a good weekend! Kisses!

Your Yuli

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