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Harmful impurities in hair care products

July 13, 2018|0 Comments

Good evening, girls, boys! I'm sure that everyone has ever heard about harmful substances that are added to shampoos and hair conditioners, but very few people knew what it is and why they are so [...]

Fitness Video 56

July 11, 2018|0 Comments

Good evening, dear readers of the blog! I hope your summer is going well! Today I want to show you exercises that are easy to perform without any extra attributes! The main thing to have [...]

Golden day out by Chloe

July 9, 2018|0 Comments

Good evening, dear !!! Monday, it's time to put a new streetstyle. Somehow it did not work last time to organize professional shooting of the street style , therefore, when several introductory matches coincide ideally: [...]

Fitness Video 55

July 4, 2018|0 Comments

Good evening. I wrote down for you a small complex with exercises for the legs and buttocks! Why focus specifically on these zones? In the summer, I really want to open the legs, and of [...]