Skin Care in Spring

March 22, 2019|0 Comments

The winter finally gave in! During cold weather everybody protected skin, so in spring there needed another skincare. My post today is about how to clean skin at the beginning of spring. It will be [...]

Fitness Video 69

March 20, 2019|0 Comments

Wednesday! Training that will not leave you indifferent! I try to record for you a set of exercises with a load on different types of muscles, so that the result is clearly visible! You will [...]

How to dress up after 40?

March 18, 2019|0 Comments

I am not sure about the amount of them, but definitely some of my followers are ladies at the age of 35-40. And this age causes many problems with style. Of course, not because the [...]

Sports Nutrition.Yay or Nay

March 15, 2019|0 Comments

Sports Nutrition, many are afraid of it, or simply do not understand what it is, and for what. What do experts say about this type of food? In the Internet, a lot of information about [...]