Fitness Video 78

September 12, 2019|0 Comments

Hi guys! I want to talk a little bit about the experience that I got by visiting the Aurum fitness clinic in Kiev. I tested Outrace training complex, Redcord rehabilitation system, and cryosauna. In addition [...]

Anti-trends of the autumn 2019

September 9, 2019|0 Comments

It's quite logical that the article about trends is followed by the article about anti-trends and old-fashioned tendencies. So, let's start straight out the gates! 1. Knee length. I am not going to lie, this [...]

My vitamins TOP

September 6, 2019|1 Comment

I take care of myself and I take my health seriously. If you think that healthy and balanced eating is enough, you are wrong because it's only the half of the way. Don't forget about [...]